What is Anilox?

Hayneswood Anilox Coating Systems are a well-proven method of controlling film weight application and distribution on sheet fed coaters.


This well-developed system provides a more precise method of controlling film weights and lacquer distribution on a coated sheet. The process employs a custom engraved roll with a lacquer chamber that replaces the conventional film  metering rolls.


Using this system should provide you with a higher quality product that will reflect in savings, due to less spoilage, throughout the container making process. Further savings can be made in material consumption costs, lower maintenance, less downtime for cleanups, elimination of gearmarks, and improved operator safety. All this can amount to a very quick payback for a modest capital investment.


This conversion has been performed successfully on over a hundred coating machines worldwide including Wagner, Crabtree, LTG, Mailander, Ratcliff and more. In most instances, the existing coater needs only minor modification to install the Anilox conversion and can be installed within a day. A further two days are recommended for commissioning and training for first time users.

In the conventional fountain and distribution roll system, film thickness is governed by adjusting the gap between the two metering rolls.

With the Anilox upgrade, the amount of lacquer held in the engraved roller cells determines the film thickness. Coating material is transferred to the Anilox roller from a lacquer chamber which employs two scraper blades.